AFTER TWO YEARS OF ISOLATION: Acting Class in person - Eva Volitzer

AFTER TWO YEARS OF ISOLATION: Acting Class in person

Acting technique

It was a great pleasure and joy to teach in person the Acting technique course in as well as to practice together various exercises on concentration, imagination, the five senses, emotional memory, muscle control, etc.

Daisha, my student, participated in the sessions with enthusiasm for four weeks, two hours per week.


Daisha entered the acting technique course because of her interest and wish to learn more about the acting technique and the actor. She has a good education, accounting, but acting practices, which are fundamental, develop various personal qualities successfully.

Acting technique is useful not only to the actor but also to all who are not actors but want to be aware of their level of concentration of attention, to expand their imagination, to know their goals in life and on stage, to act effectually and to learn more about themselves. At the end of the course, when Daisha received her special certificate, she confessed to us her satisfaction with the work on acting technique.

A lot of my students admit that acting technique has helped them in their professional careers in other walks of life: as lawyers, business people, psychologists, teachers, etc.

On the other hand, each professional actor needs to go back to the fundamental acting technique practices in order to stimulate stage work on their own selves. It is of particular importance to do this now, after the two years of isolation.

Meeting my students in person was exciting, friendly, enjoyable and greatly successful. We are going on with the classes at Eva Volitzer Actor’s Studio’ looking forward to your attendance, dear friends.


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