Tuesday, June 14th 2022, 6pm-8pm CET/ 12pm-2pm EST
ONLINE course, via Zoom platform

The Actor’s Technique Course includes theory and practice exercises on concentration, stage action, muscle control and relaxation, imagination, inner motivation and objective, emotional memory and improvisation. The course is intended not only for actors but also for anyone who wants to grow personally.

The online course will be using the Zoom meeting platform.
Every student who enrolls in the course will receive a link to the Zoom meeting platform.

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The Acting Technique class covers theory and practical skills for mastering stage acting, objective, concentration of attention, breathing and muscle relaxation, emotional and sense memory, perception and observation, imagination, the “Magic If”, interaction with a partner (verbal and non-verbal), given circumstances.

The elements of the acting technique are acquired through various role-playing tasks and practices, at first in groups, then progressing to individual work. Students will create and perform an original study with a partner as well as a dramatic scene.