About - Eva Volitzer



is a new opportunity in New York City for aspiring performers to master acting techniques, skills and understanding of the craft.

The Studio is for:

Actors who want to invigorate, expand and develop their professional skills and psycho-physical technique and to practice active analysis for building a character on the stage.

Anyone interested in going into the thick of actor training and developing their soft skills to use them for full realization of their personal and professional potential in different communities.

The pedagogical approach used in the Studio is based on the extensive teaching experience and achievements of Eva Volitzer, an actor, director, and theater educator. The many successes of her methodology vouch for her expertise. She also uses the Stanislavski Method, Michael Chekhov’s exercises, as well as their intersection with various contemporary schools and influences on actor training. Actors use the psycho-physical technique apparatus to master concentration, specify actions and objectives, expand their imagination, become aware of and work with their emotional memory, logic and consistency, observation and reception, relaxation and breathing, muscle control, inner and momentary motivation, physical and mental adaptation and flexibility. The classes we offer include both theoretical and practical work. Training is built on various exercises for the students during which we explore the creative processes and analyze what is happening on stage. Studies and dramatic scenes performed by the participants are also part of acting practice.

Training sessions in the Studio are conducted in groups of 14 people, in an atmosphere of friendly trust, community, and the joy of making art.

Eva Volitzer Actor’s Studio is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.