Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavski is the creator of the science of Acting Skill. His genius achievements in the nature of Acting Art are defined by the fundamental thesis: from the conscious mastership on acting technique to the
subconscious use of human nature.

This essencial definition is the basis for upgrading the actor’s skills in order to develop a creative path in building up a stage character.

To master acting skills is a complex process founded on the science created by Stanislavski. This process is of crucial importance for the tutor! I had the opportunity to learn Acting Skills from Prof. Zhelcho Mandadzhiev, one of the best professors in acting. Our course of students was one of the last in his career as a teacher.

Zhelcho Mandadzhiev had studied theater direction in Moscow in the last directorial class of Prof. Gorchakov who was one of the closest co-workers of Stanislavski.

Prof. Goncharov, an actor and director at Studio 3 in MAT (Moscow Art Theater), worked close to Stanislavski. Later, he created and managed Moscow Drama Theater, was the artistic manager of Moscow Theater of Satire and a professor at The Theater Institute. In 1950, Prof. Goncharov published the book ‘Stanislavski’s Directorial Lessons’. Our Prof. Mandadzhiev was a student of Prof. Goncharov and we, his students, had the opportunity to study along the direct paths in Konstantin Stanislavski’s acting lessons!

Stage action, emotional memory, work with physical activities, relaxation from excess muscle tension were practices and skills which we, the students in acting, learned along the direct path of Stanislavski-Gorchakov-Mandadgzhiev. The direct path to Stanislavski has formed me as an actress, a theater director and a tutor.

Yours, Eva

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