Acting Technique - Eva Volitzer

Acting Technique

The Acting Technique class covers theory and practical skills for mastering stage acting, objective, concentration of attention, breathing and muscle relaxation, emotional and sense memory, perception and observation, imagination, the “Magic If”, interaction with a partner (verbal and non-verbal), given circumstances.

The elements of the acting technique are acquired through various role-playing tasks and practices, at first in groups, then progressing to individual work. Students will create and perform an original study with a partner as well as a dramatic scene.

The Acting Technique class spans 8 weeks, at 4 hours a week.

Training is conducted in groups of 8 to 14 participants at the most.

The course consists of four training stages:

Stage one is a theoretical and practical introduction of the elements of psychophysical performance techniques. Training is conducted simultaneously with all the students in the course and engages a range of interesting practical exercises. Teamwork is of essential importance in understanding the idiosyncrasies of the art of acting e.g. partnership in terms of reciprocity among members and the responsibility of every member for the rest of the group.

Stage two includes individual exercises. Each participant performs before the group his/her own authorship etude elaborated on the theories and practices accomplished in Stage One. Students, together with their instructor, discuss the authorship etudes they have performed. This procedure of discussion facilitates students in the use of the specific terminology of acting and gives depth to their knowledge.

Stage three focuses on partnership collaboration. Students work in pairs and write in co-authorship their own scenes and etudes. After the public performances, students analyze and discuss their work.

Stage four envisages for each student to prepare a dramaturgical scene based on a story by Chekhov or another author. The objective is that a fictional narrative be transformed into a theatrical scene applying the specific knowledge and instruments of the acting techniques.

The course ends with stage performances of the scenes before an audience.

Students receive certificates for their training participation in the course.