Acting techniques are important for both professional actors and anyone who wants to enrich and develop personal qualities.

For professional actors, refreshing acting skills is an important part of developing acting skills and keep them sharp. When an actor has been absent from the stage for a long time, returning and practicing the elements of acting technique is a good investment in the development of his professionalism.


Just as ballet dancers practice exercises every day to maintain body flexibility, musicians play etudes for perfecting a particular musical skill, artists draw sketches, so does the actor practicing elements of acting technique who will help him develop his imagination, the ability to work with emotional memory, to enhance concentration, to exercise muscle control, etc. Interaction with the partner is an essential part of the acting techniques.

Acting technique is also for everyone who is not a professional actor, but wants to master the elements of this technique, to develop qualities that stimulate the growth of the personality. On stage we ask ourselves questions such as “what am I doing”, “what is my goal”, “why am I doing a certain action” in order to gain confidence in the image, we can easily use that approach in order to construct different projects in our lives.

The ability to expand our imagination, to increase concentration, the ability to communicate, listen and understand what the partner says, to show emotional understanding of others, to influence – all these qualities are exercised through the acting technique.

Courage and confident presence in public performances are also important qualities that are built through acting technique and can help in real life.

Yours Eva

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