Hello friends of the theater!

During the lockdown I held two-hour workshops on ‘Introduction to Acting Technique’ in March, April and May, 2021.

The truth is, I was feeling rather excited about the way an acting course could be carried out communicating online via zoom.

Participants attended the course from Canada, Spain, New Jersey, Ohio and other places far away from New York where the Studio (Eva Volitzer Actor’s Studio) is situated.

I had prepared exercises on stage action, concentration of attention, imagination, the five senses, emotional memory, muscle relaxation as well as etudes. The exercises were adjusted to the features of an online course.

First, the participants wrote down the theoretical definitions about the specific element of acting technique and then we performed various exercises.

All participants enjoyed the course and the online workshops were exceptionally successful. We developed creative friendly atmosphere and pleasure of communication and practices in spite of the online distance. I was also very happy about the results. I received wonderful comments and feedback from some of the participants:

Yanna Stoyanoff A great course that not only enriched my knowledge in the field, but surprisingly, even though it was online, it was practically active. The acting exercises we did were fun, useful and inspiring. Eva managed to move us very skillfully and provoke us to be active, even through the screen. At the end of the course I was charged with energy and joy. I am glad that I was able to participate in this course, I hope more are coming soon. It was a great experience, thank you for the wonderful opportunity in this moment of isolation and limited possibilities for the performing arts!

Helana Nana It was a great course I am so happy that I joined and it was so fun I hope that more courses are coming soon.Thank you so much for this wonderful and great course💖🌸🌸🌸🌸

I decided to continue the courses as practice for all who are not in New York and who would like to touch the art of acting.

The new dates and topics of the online courses on acting skills are due to come soon.

You can send me e-mails to evolitzer@evastudio.org.

Best regards

Yours Eva

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