Acting Technique Online Course February 2021 - Eva Volitzer

Acting Technique Online Course February 2021

Eva Volitzer

We are excited to announce our first online course covering theory and exercises on Acting Technique to be held in February 2021. In this eight part course, we will cover a broad range of topics and skills critical to mastering the art of acting: concentration, stage action, muscle control and relaxation, imagination, inner motivation and objective, emotional memory and improvisation.

The course is suitable both for aspiring actors, and also for anyone who is interested in acting and the theory and practice behind it. Moreover, some of the material covered — concentration, imagination, relaxation — have broad applications that can enhance anyone’s personal or professional lives. We love acting and would love to share our decades of instructional and on-stage experience with you.

To enroll, please click on the button which will take you to the enrollment page. We would be excited for you to join us and are looking forward to working together.

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